5 Facts About Erectile Dysfunction That You Should Know

Erectile Dysfunction (otherwise known as impotence and ED) is the common erection problem among men over 40. The greatest truth is that almost every man has to suffer from an erection problem once in his lifetime.

Many men think getting old is the only cause of the erection problem, which is not. You can treat your erection problems by understanding what they are, what their causes are, and what treatment is available.

ED treatmentMany men don’t try to find ED treatment for numerous reasons. For some, it is embarrassing, while others think there is no treatment available. However, other lab research and studies proved that erectile dysfunction is treatable with proper steps.

I know you are currently unhappy with your current situation, but this is not the right way to live life. You have to fight with your situation, and you are powerful enough to change your current situation. It all starts will be finding the right knowledge. This is why I want you to read this post till the end.

This post will tell you some facts about ED that will completely change your view on impotence and ED. At the end of this post, you will better understand the ED to help you treat your erection problem.

Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Interestingly, many men heard about Erectile Dysfunction, but they have either half the or completely wrong information.

In simple words, Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the inability of a man to keep a powerful erection long enough for sex. This is a simple definition. However, for some men, it is a bit complicated. That is why I will reveal some facts about Erectile Dysfunction that will give you a clear overview of this erection problem.

Fact #1 – ED is Not Premature Ejaculation

Many men connect their ED problems with different sexual problems – like premature ejaculation. It is important to understand premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are completely different. Erectile Dysfunction focuses solely on erection and whether a man keeps his erection for long or not.

While in Premature Ejaculation, men have an erection, but they ejaculate too quickly. In short, they don’t have control over their ejaculation.

Although some men get premature ejaculation before getting into trouble with ED, these two erection problems are completely different.

Fact #2 –Temporary Erection Problem is Not ED

It is impossible to have a strong and powerful erection every time. This is because many factors like diet, environment, and drug side effects contribute to the erection. Even the morning erection is entirely different from the night or afternoon erection.

Erectile Dysfunction defined as:

  • The inability of men to MAINTAIN an erection
  • Inability to be CONSISTENT in erections
  • A tendency to have only BRIEF erections

However, if your erection problem is becoming typical than a fluke, you have to become concerned. If your erections are not as firm as this isn’t something to accept – it’s time to address your problem.

Fact #3 – ED Happens Because of Blood Flow Issues

Facts about Erectile DysfunctionUnlike some other mammals, the human penis doesn’t contain any erectile bone. This is the reason we humans have to rely on blood for an erection.

Inside the penis, two chambers contain soft muscles, arteries, veins, and tissues. When a man gets sexually excited, then the brain instructs these two chambers to relax and allow blood to fill into the penis. When blood fills up into the penis, we get an erection.

However, sometimes it happens that something disrupts the flow of blood into the penis. Although it happens because of physical or psychological issues, you can once again get a strong and firm erection by removing these issues.

Fact #4 – ED is Not Your Fault or Anyone Else Fault

Another important thing that you have to keep in your mind is you are in no way responsible as there are many causes of erectile dysfunction. This is why you have to stop blaming yourself or someone else for your problem.

Although there are some ways from which you can treat your erectile problem and surely blaming yourself is not the solution. Some lifestyle factors indeed play a crucial role in increasing ED risk, but you can now correct it by focusing on your life.

So stop blaming yourself or anyone else for your ED and start focusing on your body.

Another thing you have to keep in mind that ED can be treated once you change your hopeless mindset. Many men have treated their ED problems, and now it is your turn.

Fact #5 – ED is Not a Taboo

There was a time when Erectile Dysfunction was a taboo topic, but it is not anymore. Many men and even women seem to discuss different erection problems in which Erectile Dysfunction is one.

There are many advertisements for ED supplements, and many articles are getting published in magazines and newspapers about ED. Just like any other medical condition, doctors are also helping men in treating their ED.

It would help if you did not feel embarrassed about talking about your ED with your partner and your doctor. Additionally, you don’t have to change your ID when talking about ED on internet forums. When you talk about your ED with your partner, you provide a chance for your relationship to grow.

In short, by treating your ED, you are not helping yourself, but you are also helping your partner to get the most for the relationship.


In the end, I would like to say there are so many numerous treatments and therapies that can treat your ED. We are all very familiar with the VigRX Plus (as I talk about it in my VigRX Plus Review). If one treatment or supplement is not working for you, you can try another method.

Just for your information, you can not only treat your ED with a supplement. Relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes, and herbs can improve your condition. The only way you can get out of the ED cage is by taking the first step towards improving your life and relationship.


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