Top 10 Shocking Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many causes of Erectile Dysfunction, and with our static lifestyle, the risk of ED is getting higher with every passing day.

In this post, I will reveal some shocking causes of ED, and if you find anyone relates to you, you have to change the way you live your life. Avoiding these factors is the only way which can save you from the ED.

Here are some causes of ED

Prescribe Medications

Erectile Dysfunction ProblemsMany prescribed medications can inhibit the blood flow into the penis and create difficulties for the person to gain or maintain an erection. Since everyone’s body chemistry is different, we can’t say exactly which medications cause Erectile Dysfunction.

Besides prescribing medications, many herbal supplements can cause an adverse reaction and inhibit blood flow into the penis. This is the reason you should verify each ingredient before introducing new supplements into your body.

In many cases, changing medicines help the patients to see improvement in their overall sexual performance. But it doesn’t mean you have to stop taking your prescribed medicines; instead, you can talk with the doctor and ask for alternative treatment.

Getting Old

Research showed that ED is somehow linked with age, but it doesn’t mean everyone will get affected with ED after a certain age. Many men don’t get any problems throughout their lives. But ED is also the cause of non-physical lifestyle, illness, and drop in hormones, which are the part of old age.

According to Mayo Clinic, over 80% of men of 75 age are affected with Erectile Dysfunction. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your sexual life at the age of 75. You only need to make certain changes in your life, and you can start enjoying your sex life again.

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Drugs and Alcohol

drugs and alcoholPeople with substance abuse problems are at higher risk of obtaining ED in the later stages of their life.

Drugs and Alcohol affect body functions in two ways. First, they create problems with neurotransmitters that send signals from body organs to the brain, and second, they block arteries and veins and affect the flow of blood to the parts of the body.

If you are using some drugs for a very long time, you probably have done great damage to your body, resulting in permanent Erection problems. This includes addiction to some illegal drugs or pharmaceuticals that are not necessarily prescribed by your doctor.

Diseases, Infections, and Illness

Chronic illness is the major problem that can affect the proper blood flow into the penis. Additionally, affecting one of these systems can result in erection difficulties.

  • Heart
  • Arteries
  • Nerves
  • Kidney
  • Lungs
  • Liver

As you can see, this system is somehow connected with sexual health, and if anyone of them is affected, then blood will not reach the penis that results in ED. In fact, ED can sometimes be signaling of something wrong in the body. This is why it is recommended for ED patients to get a full-body checkup before starting any treatment or using any new supplement.

High Body Fat

High Body Fat is also one of the causes that directly or indirectly increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. An excess amount of fat in the body can block blood access into the genital region and cause different types of sexual problems in which ED is one of them.

Additionally, a high amount of fat in the body is linked to other illnesses and diseases that increase the risk of ED. Metabolic Disorder is prevalent in men who have large waistlines, leading to high blood pressure, inability to process sugar, and higher cholesterol — these are all linked to ED.

Stress and Depression

Stress and DepressionStress and depression have become the leading cause of ED because we normally live our lives in complete stress, and we never try to listen to our bodies until something big happens.

Although stress and depression are not directly connected with blood flow into the penis, they affect the neurotransmitters that carry the brain’s signals. Every part of the body is connected with the brain, and if the brain gets affected, some or all parts of the body will suffer.

This is why it is necessary to release stress from the body as much as possible. Instead of using anti-depressant pills, take some holidays, or have a good time with your friends. Small happiness can make a lot of difference in your body.


If you ever had surgery involving major body organs or genital region, or arteries, you might be at higher risk for obtaining Erectile Dysfunction. This is why surgeries are only recommended in extreme cases.

If you change or disrupt the body’s natural working process, then some of the body parts will suffer in the future.


Even small injuries in the genital region can cause big problems. In the past, if you sustain any injury either intentionally or unintentionally, it can cause ED in the later stages of your life. Additionally, if you sustain an injury to any of the systems (mentioned above), they are probably causing the erection problem.

If you have sustained any such injury, you must talk with the doctor who will take a full check-up of your body and let you know what causes your body’s problems.

Don’t try to conclude yourself because, most of the time, self-treatment worsens the problem even more.


Don’t think exercises are bad; instead, they are good for the body, but the problem is that certain exercises that put pressure on the penis or genital region can increase ED risk. These exercises should be done with some modification or with proper protective gear.

For example, Bikers who travel long distances are at higher risk of obtaining ED.


smoking as erectile dysfunction causeSmoking is another leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Similar to drugs and alcohol, smoking also increases the risk of ED in two different ways.

First, smoking constricts the blood vessels and doesn’t allow proper blood flow into the penis. Secondly, smoking increases the risk of other infections in the body that leads to ED.


If you want to avoid any erection problem, then you must make healthy choices in your life. But in some cases of ED, patients don’t have anyone of these factors, but still, they somehow affected ED.

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